Saturday, 17 May 2014

How to earn a living online- 3 Free methods of making money

Have you ever thought about how some people actually earn a living online?

In this post I would like to give you an idea on 3 easy way to actually make money online.

ways to make money the easiest
Free paid survey website

1- Start with paid surveys as they are the easiest

If you are trying to make money on the side then paid survey is your best option. It is really easy if you know what to do. This is truly the easiest way to make money online.

The most important thing in paid surveys is your list of websites. Your paid survey company list should consist of three features. 

1-Each panel should have atleast paid 100k $ to it's members. (Trustable)

2-These companies should only produce high paying survey offers. (Top Dollar)

3-And finally they should provide enough survey offers to make a decent income online. (High Frequency)

 This where most of the action takers fail. This website on paid surveys will help you get started. This websites and all the methods  mentioned are free.

Once you have signed up for all those websites take your time to complete your account profile. I know, it will take a lot of time to complete your profile but if you really want to make money for free from your home then you will have to work a bit hard. Or you can outsource your work using this freelance website for unbelievable price.  This is the hardest yet most important obstacle in making money with paid surveys. Why?

Because these companies use these information to send you the paid surveys. Since this process is a bit time consuming people just quit very fast. 

So please take your time and sign up with atleast 10 credible paid survey company or for just a measly 5 bucks you can outsourse all your work by clicking here. Watch this video below to understand how paid survey works.

Now that you have understood the real truth behind paid surveys, I highly suggest you to start with paid surveysClick here

Earn a living online by freelancing your talent
Make a living by freelancing

2- Freelancing is big on the Internet

Another creative way to earn a living online is by freelancing your talents. You can get started for free with websites like freelancer or elance. You need to know that it is much easier to get job offers in the Internet than in your city. The main reason for that is because, Internet has more that a billion active users and is still growing. Even if you are from the most populous city in the world you will only have 34 million potential customers.

So the very first thing to do is figure out how you can be of service to someone. Find out your best talents and check out these websites to get a basic idea on the potential job niches. Look at the job listings and see if your talents are having a good market. 

Then spend few days making an awesome resume. Check this website to get some basic ideas on making a good resume. Then complete your profile and make sure none of your answers are vague or anything.

Then the final step. Just go to the job listings and start contacting your potential customers with the best and the most polite job request. To succeed in this line of work your first objective is not to make money online. Your first target is to make a nice name over these website. Get good ratings and increase you trust rate. So first, start small find small jobs and bid for the lowest. Then to sweeten the deal message them and offer them some additional bonus. If you are providing a seo service give them 10% more backlinks or something like that to make them feel that you are a better deal than every one else. Also tell them that you will finish one day earlier which will also increase your job approvals.

earn a living online with 3 methods of making money
how to earn a living with blogging

3- Today, blogging is one of the best way to make money online.


Firstly you can get started for free using websites like blogspot or wordpress. Blogging is as good as any other business. Only difference is that there is no cost for running or starting. 

Secondly, you can customise your blog the way you want it. There are absolutely no restriction unlike guest posting. 

You can publish any of your articles written by you or someone else. But make sure to read the basic platform guidelines. Check out the guidelines for blogspot and wordpress

 And finally there a lot of different ways to monetise a blog. Which means blogging is a business with 10s of different streams of income. How cool is that?

 If that's not enough then you can even monetise your blog by adding adsense ads on you blog for an additional stream of income.

 I hope I was able to give you an idea on 3 ways to earn a living online for free. If you liked my article then please share this article in facebook and twitter. Thank you for your time.